Participez à la Manifestation de Nontron : 25 mars

Participez en très grand nombre à la manifestation de Nontron (24300) le samedi 25 mars 2017 pour montrer votre refus de voir votre environnement saccagé par des éoliennes géantes de 200 mètres de hauteur parce qu’il n’y a pas de vent ici.

Les habitants des communes où sont situés les projets éoliens n’en veulent pas. Pour preuve : + 70% des administrés de la commune de Saint-Saud Lacoussière demandent aux promoteurs éoliens ABO WIND et SOLEIL DU MIDI DEVELOPPEMENT de partir immédiatement en abandonnant leur projet.

C’est ce que réclament également les 36 associations identifiées qui défileront dans les rues de la Sous-Préfecture de Nontron le 25 mars 2017 à partir de 10 heures. Le départ est prévu Place des Droits de l’Homme, au cinéma Louis DELLUC.

Venez vous joindre à nous. Vous êtes les bienvenus.

Lire un article du journal Sud-Ouest sur la manifestation.

Abo wind and Soleil du Midi are Inept and Disingenuous

Opposition is growing to the 2 wind farm projects planned for Milhac-de-Nontron (5 wind turbines) and Saint‐Saud Lacoussiere / Saint‐Jory‐de‐Chalais (4, 200m wind turbines on the border with Miallet).

Members of the association VIAPL, helped by individuals opposed to these wind farm projects, have conducted a survey of people living in the area and have received more than 1,460 signatures from locals opposed to the implantation of wind turbines in the area.

The srongest opposition comes from the commune of Saint‐saud-Lacoussiere where more than 400 people have been identified, 166 of them from the town centre and surrounding area. Percentage wise, 100% of the inhabitants of the hamlet of Mouton are opposed; 99% in Chapelas, Bourneix, la Veyriere, la Rebiere, la Roudarie, Manaud, Larret, Mazaudet, Lage, le Pic, Maberout, Grandcoing and Vachaumard; 98% in Veyrinas, Puydoyeux, aux Farges, and la Chapelle Verlaine. The survey continues…

For other communes in or close to the proposed sites of the wind farms, more than 200 people are opposed in Miallet: 99% in les Parcs, Lacaud and Grafeuille. In Saint‐Jory‐de‐Chalais, 75 inhabitants are opposed. In Milhac‐de‐Nontron, 118 people are opposed, with 100% in Chantres, 99% in Mazeroux, Mortegoutte and le Chadeuil. Additionally, 663 people are opposed within a radius of 40 kms of the proposed wind farms.

Faced with such a strong backlash, the developers along with local politicians in favour have launched a counter attack. They have employed l’Agence Tact, an agency specialising in market research and public relations. Their objective is to convince locals that the installation of wind farms is wholly justified here in the Perigord Vert countryside.

: the tactics employed by l’Agence Tact, which is funded the wind farm developers, are particularly aggressive. Below is some advice on how to avoid being taken in by them, for all locals opposed to these wind farm projects:

– Do not allow the agency to present their opinions (they are carefully crafted to trick you into changing your mind)
– Do not give them your personal details (name, address, telephone number, or email address)
– Do not sign anything under any circumstances
– Do not try to justify your opposition to the installation of giant wind turbines in your area
– Firmly refuse to engage with the agent at all
– Do not reply to any questionnaire they may present
– Simply reaffirm your opposition to these projects, including your willingness to consider legal procedings.

You should know that more and more wind farm projects in the surrounding area are being abandoned by the developers due to a lack of wind. Planned projects in Pensol, Bbeaussac, Charras, Sainte‐Orse, and Azerat have all been abandoned by the developers because they would not have been sufficiently profitable. Other projects planned for La Rochebeaucourt and Puymangou have been refused by the Préfet.

Why would there be more wind in Milhac-de-Nontron, in Saint-Saud-Lacoussiere or in St-Jory-de-Chalais than there is in nearby Pensol – or in Charras, which is only 20kms from Nontron?

Wind Farm Demonstration: 25 March in Nontron

At 10.00am, Saturday 25 March. The march starts at the cinema Louis Delluc car park, Place des Droits de l’Homme, Nontron. Car-pooling is advised due to limited parking spaces.

Have you chosen to come and live in the French countryside? The many benefits of this rural lifestyle are under threat and we need to fight to defend them. Please come and help by demonstrating peacefully with us!

To protect:
– your childrens’ health
– the lifestyles of those who live in the countryside
– peace in our villages
– the countryside and local heritage

To demand:
– the abandonment of all industrial wind turbine projects in the Dordogne and surrounding areas. Do you really want to see Nontron surrounded by 20 wind farms?
– respect for the opinion of the Dordogne departmental assembly and support for the politicians and councillors with the courage to resist pressure from wind farm developers and local politicians.

To condemn:
– the blindness of certain politicians who prefer to ignore the massive local opposition and continue to support the developers
– the deleterious effects of wind farms on health, the environment, and personal finances:
say no to false environmentalism!

This demonstration is being organised by the collectif Forces Périgord, a group of 6 associations from the Dordogne that have between them a total of 1850 members.

480-foot Wind Turbine Collapses in Ayrshire

Safety probe launched after collapse of 480-foot wind turbine in Ayrshire. The catastrophic collapse of a giant wind turbine is being investigated. A 480-foot high turbine came down in a storm – only the second windmill in Scotland to crash to the ground.

The astonishing structural failure of the £2 million machine has prompted demands for information by the community in Barrhill.The Kilgallioch wind farm is operated by Scottish Power Renewables which had failed to alert the public to the incident for SEVEN DAYS.

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